begining of my story

After 3 years learning English continuously, without any gap , during hot summers and not very cold winters, my English classes  finished, but still I don’t feel confident!! I make mistakes, more than enough, and I’m wondering what should I do!!

Especially because in 2 days time I have FCE exam!! :~

3 years ago, I decided to learn English because I wanted to learn Korean better. all coursebooks and websites about Korean were, and still are, in English.But after I started I fell into English and decided to finish the course. I tried very much but honestly not my best! and now, I suppose  that’s the time!!! Time for studying English independently and again Korean. I’m gonna study Korean more and more. Actually there is another point here! I’m teaching Korean! interesting…

and another interesting point is that I bought Korean books from a korean site and now I’m counting down the days for receiving my books.

Not bad if I mention the korean books that I have at present, I have Seoul national university 한국어 1-2 , 서강 1A,1B, and Hollym series . I studied Hollym books completely and also 한국어1.

I hope I can write review for all  books, whether English or Korean.


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